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These FAQs are here because we want you to understand how we operate and what you can expect from us. Please feel free to call us at +8801759606262 if you have questions about any of these FAQs. We want to make this an enjoyable experience for everyone and we look forward to working with you!

Inspectors are out in the field during the day doing inspections. When they get home, after we are closed, that is when they upload their reports. Keep an eye on your email.

Inspections are typically completed within 1 (one) business day, depending on the inspector’s schedule, the seller’s schedule, and the weather. Reports are usually uploaded the following morning that the inspection is done. Occasionally, the seller’s schedule, the inspector’s schedule or the weather may cause a delay. Please note we cannot guarantee a date of an inspection due to factors outside our control. Customers are encouraged to plan accordingly and make arrangements to hold a vehicle if necessary. We have a better chance of getting the inspection done faster, the sooner you place your order. We do not schedule inspections on weekends. We do our very best to get them out as soon as possible.

Because we strive to get inspectors on site very quickly, we begin working on your order immediately. Once your order has been placed we cannot offer a refund. PLEASE BE SURE OF YOUR VEHICLE BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER. If your vehicle sells before we dispatch an inspector, we will put your order on hold and you can use the amount paid towards inspection of another vehicle. If you purchase a vehicle before we can get to it, we will not offer a cancellation for a refund.

Please don’t purchase a plane ticket or arrange for transportation until you have your report in your hand. Things can change unexpectedly due to circumstances outside of our control. Be prepared to deal with delays should they arise.

No. We do pre-purchase inspections before you buy the vehicle to make sure that the vehicle is in good shape. We do not perform any types of state required inspections. You should contact BRTA to see if they can help you.

We will send you the report on your email address.

No. Our inspectors are very busy during the day driving around and doing inspections. There is a chance that he may forget to tell us something about the vehicle when he is in-between inspections. The inspector will upload his report as soon as possible.

No. Please make sure that the vehicle you hire us to look at is the vehicle you are looking to purchase. If the vehicle sells before the inspector gets to the inspection, as long as the seller hasn’t told the inspector to come to the vehicle, your order can be put on hold while you look for a different vehicle.

Yes. Our business hours are Saturday through Thursday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Our website is open to take orders 24 hours a day. If you place your order after hours or on the weekend, we will assign your order to the inspector right away the next business day.

No. For logistical reasons, inspectors are not able to place calls from the field. If you have specific concerns that you would like to relay to the inspector, please put those in the Additional Notes section of the order page.