Autosure is inspecting cars on 200+ points
for the first time in 



Autosure Inspections are providing comprehensive vehicle inspections and reports for used car buyers and sellers. This Inspections report will save time for buyers & sellers by reducing the hassle associated with purchasing a used car.

Our expert team of inspectors takes their time to do each inspection thoroughly and each pre-purchase inspection report includes a detailed analysis of the body, signs of accident damage, rust or corrosion, inconsistencies in paint, scratches, dents and other imperfections. This report also includes engine check, test drive, and checks of the tires, wheels, electronics, instrumentation, interior and more.

Our experienced and qualified personnel with an insight in the automotive sector cater to all your needs. Our feeling has always been that if you don’t get all the information you need from an inspection, you may as well have not bothered at all, because one key thing that gets missed could end up costing you thousands of taka.

You need to know all the cars faults before you buy it NOT when you have made the payment and driven away only to find out that it is lurking with problems.

Our vehicle condition reports will include specific information from our highly qualified inspectors in order to make an informed decision on the purchase of the vehicle. A quality used car inspection makes financial sense. Without a pre-purchase inspection, you could be buying a vehicle that has previous, substandard repairs or a seriously damaged one.